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News Flash - Bella is expecting puppies at the end of September 2016!

About Us

We at CuteCurl Retrievers are dedicated to the ethical breeding and promotion of Curly Coated Retrievers. All breeding stock are hip/ elbow scored, and eye tested.

We lightly show our dogs but their comfort is our most important consideration when we decide what activities we do with them. All dogs have different personalities and we try to never place our dogs in situations where they are bored or uncomfortable.

We’ve owned Curlies for almost 10 years now having owned other large breed dogs in the past. Curlies are excellent watchdogs with a strong deep bark and a loyal devotion to their family.

Our dogs spend most of their days lounging on the balcony or swimming in the dam. They are always happy to play games or just relax in front of the TV... whatever their owners feel like doing at the time.

Please enjoy the website and feel free to contact us for any more information.